Saturday Science Q #3

Saturday Science Clouds

These wispy, feathery looking clouds, located four to twelve miles up, are usually the first sign that a weather front is approaching. What kind of clouds are these?

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Practice Quiz: Weather

Are you ready for this?  No, you are not.  Fear not because you will be soon.  If you are feeling particularly ambitious right now, then jump in and try this practice quiz.  After-all, what’s the worst thing that could happen? Let me tell you.  You could fail the practice quiz!  That is the worst thing that could happen!  Are you willing to take that chance?  I thought so.

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GAME: Weather

Get ready to put your weather knowledge to the test against the Sword Fighters.  Play in single player, two player or target mode.  Study your vocabulary before you attempt to challenge these Sword Fighters, they know their stuff and so should you.

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Play: Weather Sword Fight

Saturday Science Q #2


Saturday Science Map

What do you call curved lines on a weather map connecting regions of equal atmospheric pressure?

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