What Are Energy Points?

You are probably wondering what Energy Points are and how you can earn more.  When you participate in Khan Academy you earn Energy Points for practicing math.  Energy points measure your effort in the Academy. You earn more energy points for pushing the edge of your knowledge. It is important to remember that the points don’t measure how good you are at math.  They measure how hard you work.

As of 1/1/2013, watching a video can earn up to 750 points for completion and each problem done earns a base of 15 energy points per problem; this base slowly decreases down to 5 energy points (but no fewer) per problem if you have a  long streak of correct answers in an exercise (demonstrating impressive proficiency) and continue working on it.

What About Badges?

Badges are rewards for behaviors – some related to points, but not necessarily (e.g., inefficiencies on exercises, speed, or other behaviors like building community or engaging with computer science).

G4: Join The Academy

Join The Academy for free and receive one IP Science point for each 30,000 energy points you earn. To be eligible for the special IP points you must meet with Mr. Conte after creating an account.UPDATE:  I will be posting directions, this weekend, for assigning a coach. Check back on Saturday. I will also go over the directions on Monday

UPDATE: How to Assign a Coach

1) open an account and login
2) click your name in the upper right corner of the Kahn window
3) click on your name in the pop-out
4) select “coach” from the bottom of the menu on the left side of the screen
5) enter   emperor@mrconte.com   as one of your coaches – you can also enter your parents as additional coaches
6) practice math and enjoy !

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