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The online Assignment Book is now open! – Michal and Josephine completed their webteam training and have already posted two days worth of assignments to the site.

The webteam is sure to do a great job, but you shouldn’t rely on their posts for your daily assignments. The girls will do their best to post homework everyday, but their school work is always more important than posting to the website. You should still record your daily assignments in your assignment book. Think of the homework site as your backup. Use the site to confirm daily work and to keep up on assignments when you are absent.

Lesson Outline Secrets

Science homework is tough. Make it a little easier by reviewing these quick and simple tips about Lesson Outlines.

Things Happens II

Ever been so busy filling your brain with useful information that you forgot to write down an assignment? The next time it happens to you, just visit It is our online assignment book. Best of all, it’s completely powered by free range raccoons (the preceding statement is pure fiction).

Help Wanted
The homework site cannot operate without the work of two upstanding student volunteers. Each day, our volunteers will take a portion of their end-of-the-day study time to update the homework website. The selection and training of these two students will happen Friday.

Things Happen

Even the best of students can lose a paper from time to time. If it happens to you, fear not. Most of your Math and Science homework pages are available right here on Just click, print and complete.

No printer? No problem. Open the document with your internet device. Then, record your answers on a good old-fashioned sheet of notebook paper.

download homework

download homework

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