Spelling Lists

Helpful Bits of Information

Tests are given on Mondays. If school is not in session on a given Monday, then you will not have a spelling test.

Each list is comprised of 20 words, but you will only be tested on 10 of those words. Which ten?  Your guess is as good as mine, so study them all.

Once each grading period you will take a dictionary test.

If you earn a perfect score on a spelling test, you will be awarded an extra point. There are no other ways to earn extra credit.

List 1

Words with short e sounds

alligator, facts, sanding, can’t, handle, rattle, camera, January, panda, planted, clever, exit, never, left, fellow, hello, spelling, extra, every, effort

List 2

Words with short i, short o, and short u sounds

into, itself, gifts, little, sitting, prints, pinch, without, twinkle, digging, drop, topple, clog, frogs, jogging, bottom, buddy, plus, rusted, buses

List 3

Words with the long a sounds

maybe, lately, label, playground, paint, main, trail, newspaper, table, chased, places, face, able, babies, acorn, claim, pain, flames, baseball, flavor

List 4

Words with the long e sound

easy, easily, teapot, speech, reach, teacher, meeting, heat, cheater, between, because, neatly, seat, peach, cheer, clear, fear, deepest, brief, piece

List 5

Words with the long i sound

item, ideas, timed, pie, cry, cried, try, tried, frying, light, I’m, buying, highest, fight, lives, why, violin, shines, kindness, polite , rhyming

 List 6

Words with long o and long u

brown, house, blouse, how, plowed, crowded, loud, bow, growth, flower, flour, crow, blowing, flowing, hours, our, tower, shower, following, ownership encourage

List 7

Words with ow and ou

brown, house, blouse, how, plowed, crowded,  loud,  bow,  growth,  flower, flour, crow, blowing , flowing, hours, our, tower, shower, following, ownership, encourage

List 8

High-Frequency Word List: Family

mother, father, brother, sister, cousin, grandma,  grandpa, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, daughter, son, husband, wife, great-grandma, family, relatives, siblings, parents, ancestors

List 9

Words with the /oo/ sound

clue, ruler, true, truly, glued, fruit, flute, coolest, booming, tools, cruel, sooner, prove, due, boost, toothless, balloon, cartoon, smooth, noodle, gruesome

List 10

Words with silent consonants

kneel, knit, thumb, combed, lambs, should, couldn’t, would’ve, honor, honest, listen, fasten, kitchen, written, wrong, wrestle, through, answer, castle, knives, fascinating

List 11

Words ending with a silent e

pledge, plates, juice, definite, type, staple, bruise, struggle, jungle, surprise, invite, awhile, beside, please, grease, tease, slime, nine, scrape, create, medicine

List 12

Words with a double consonant

shopping, clapped, collect, suppose, supply, grill, glitter, splatter, ladder, difference, crabby, stiff, giggle, called, happiest, pillow, coffee, arrive, office, excellent, mayonnaise

List 13

High-frequency Word List; Numbers

eight, eighth, second, fourth, twenty-one, thirty-two, forty-three, fifty-four, sixty-five, seventy-six, eighty-seven, ninety-eight, hundred, thousand, million, billion, one-half, two-thirds, thirteen, seventeen, mathematics

List 14

Words with r-controlled vowels

guitar, harmonica, marker, darkness, scared, caring, pier, spider, beaver, matter, orchard, author, working, observe, butter, clutter, birds, feather, together, summertime, aquarium

List 15

Words with y as a consonant or a vowel

yellow, yelled, yesterday, yo-yo, years, yourselves, yahoo, yield, yogurt, icy, stony, beauty , sky, cycle, myself, shiny, daily, valley, flying, crayon, bicycling

List 16

Grammar List; Plural Nouns

glasses, horses, edges, tomatoes, potatoes, heroes, photos, ladies, babies, families, candies, shelves, wolves, lives, scarves, halves, people, zoos, pajamas, cacti, antennae

List 17

Words with a prefix

preview, preheat, predict, prehistoric, misuse, misunderstood, misspell, reused, recycle, renamed, rewind, review, impolite, imperfect, invisible, unreal, unplug, undo, unlikely, unpopular, unbelievable

List 18

Words with a suffix

careful , truthful, thankful, mouthful, helpful, thoughtful, wonderful, exactly, neatly, suddenly, slowly, safely, dangerous, famous, serious, rudeness, brightness, darkness, sadness, happiness, ridiculous

List 19

Words with a theme; Ocean

waves, dolphin, oyster, pirate, treasure, anchor, scuba, diver, beach, swimming, whale, coral, captain, sailing, octopus, seashells, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Arctic Ocean, oceanographer

List 20

Words that are commonly misspelled

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