Life Science


In this unit you are going to learn about living things. Unlike years past, you will be starting not with an entire organism, but with its parts. More specifically its smallest parts, cells.  As you advance through the unit you will learn how and why scientists organize/classify organisms.  You will also learn how energy moves through the living things of our world.  While much of your focus will center around plants, there will be discussion of animals and the roles they play in out world.


Lesson 1

How do you know something is alive? Often times you can simply look at an organism and just know, but what if you had to explain your conclusion? It’s not always easy to answer the question why, but it is important. Scientists have discovered that all living things share some basic things with one another. In this lesson you will learn about the basic needs and basic life functions of all living things by studying the smallest of living things – cells. read more

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

Lesson 5

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Lesson 7