G3: Family Roots

Who are your ancestors?  What is your ethnicity?  What customs and traditions have been handed down to you?

The Family Roots project is your opportunity to dig into the history of your family and uncover your roots.  When completing the chart, be sure to only include blood relatives, no step parents or step grandparents.  This project is due on Monday!

download Family Roots pdf

To earn an Independent Project Point just add at least four of your great-grandparents to the chart.


G3: Finally, an Update


G3 Product

Get ready! Our market research is in and it’s time to design. More information on Monday.

G3 Not For Sale



G3 check out this site


G3 Study Session Wednesday

Studying for your first Social Studies quiz can be tough. Consider joining Mr. Conte for an optional, 15 min study session at the start of recess on Wednesday. During this session, we will review the important facts you’ll need to ace the quiz.


Working on that poem? Don’t make this harder than it needs to be. Keep it simple. All I am going to be looking for is a message that is welcoming, and patriotic. If it rhymes, well, that would be even better, but it’s not required.

Oh, and don’t forget that I always expect you to be neat.

Now, Before you head off to play a video game or something like that, be sure to watch the Pledge of Allegiance video one more time.

See you Monday.

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