Math Tests

After a bit of delay, the geometry tests are on their way back to you. Scores have been posted to ProgressBook, but they are not carved in stone. In fact, you can redo almost anything you missed and earn back 0.5 points for each corrected answer. Just get them back in ASAP. Before I forget, congratulations to the smartypants who didn’t miss a single question – very impressive!

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  1. Cruz23:


  2. Cruz23:

    Congrats on the baby!!!

  3. Mr.Conte:

    Thanks, Cruz! Mrs. Conte and I are so excited to have a new little guy in our lives. I hope all is well in your corner of the world.

  4. Nicole24:

    Congrats on your son Mr. Conte. I bet you, your wife, and little Conte are very happy to have that little one in your lives. I hope you two try to get some sleep with those two little boys.

  5. Mr.Conte:

    Thank you, Nicole. Sleep is not easy to get with a new Conte in the house, but It will get better!