Wigwam model, interior detail, by Suzana

Independent Projects Gallery

Just in time for the weekend, a gallery of fantastic Social Studies Independent Projects!

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  1. 13evan

    is the baby due next week mr conte?

    • Mr.Conte

      He is, Evan. I hope to be with all of you most (or all) of the week, but I will be gone starting the 23rd. I certainly will miss you guys!

  2. 13lindsay

    You did a great job.

  3. 13madison

    I like it. It is very cool.

  4. 13madelyn

    Mr.conte it’s not the 23ed so is the baby early because its so little

    • Mr.Conte


      The little guy arrived early. Unfortunately, he and his big brother have been sick all week. The big one is better, so I will be in to see you guys on Thursday morning. I won’t be back for a while. I hope everything is going well.

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