Horned Toad Prince

Author’s website: http://www.jackiemimshopkins.com/

Reba Jo loves riding all over the wild prairie and roping any critter unlucky enough to cross her path. But when the spunky cowgirl finds herself in a mess of trouble, she’s forced to strike a deal with a horned toad–he’ll save her hide, but only if she grants him three wishes. Reba Jo tries her darnedest to weasel out of her part of the bargain, but the clever horned toad won’t let her off the hook. In the end, she learns an important lesson that a promise is a promise and that words once spoken are not easily taken back.

Horned Toad Prince

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  1. 13madelyn:

    Hi Mr.Conte, hows baby Conte?

  2. 13madelyn:

    Also you should really put up a picture of your baby and we all miss you

  3. Mr.Conte:

    Madelyn, Thanks for asking, he is fantastic! He is also really, really noisy.

  4. Mr.Conte:

    I miss all of you too! As for the picture, I will try to do that soon. It was great hearing from you, thanks for thinking of me.

  5. Chloe:

    Mr.Conte, Did you watch Dancing with the Stars on Monday and see Bill Nye the Science Guy?

  6. Mr.Conte:

    Hey Chloe, I did. It felt really odd to be watching the ‘Science Guy’ dancing. Thanks for telling me about it.