G3: Volcano Demonstration

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  1. Chloe01

    That was fun to watch. Thanks Avery and Kendall. How long did it take for you to make the volcano?

  2. Avery14

    Thanks Chloe. It took us about an hour.

  3. Avery

    Thanks everyone who likes the volcano.

    • Mr.Conte

      You did a great job on this project, and I am glad you decided to share it with the class.

  4. Dylan13

    Nice volcano Avery ,what did you use to make it.

  5. Dylan13

    Mr.Conte are we going to study volcanoes.

    • Mr.Conte

      Unfortunately, no. But, that shouldn’t stop you from learning about them on your own. To get started, check out this great website from the Department of Geosciences at Oregon State University.

      Volcano World

  6. Hannauh03

    Was it fun to make it?

  7. Peyton07

    What did you make it with?:}

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