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You are studying how changes in an organism’s environment can sometimes benefit its survival and sometimes harm it. You have learned that ecosystems can change gradually or dramatically. When they do, some plants and animals can survive and reproduce while others move to new locations or disappear forever.

Today you viewed a portion of the BBC program “Ice Age Giants.”  I know many of you wanted to see the entire program so I have embedded episode 1 from YouTube.

This video is hosted on YouTube, you should ask your parents if it’s ok to watch.

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Comments (10)

  1. 13madison

    I liked watching this in school and i liked this one two.

    • Mr.Conte

      It’s a lot of fun to see what these animals might have been like as they moved around North America.

  2. 13suzana

    I just watched the video, and I liked it. It’s cool how you can see what they might have looked like.

    • Mr.Conte

      I am glad you enjoyed it. In part two of the series they feature an animal called the cave bear! It was 30% larger than the biggest of todays bears.

  3. 13lindsay

    I really liked this video.

  4. 13cassandra

    I loved the video. I loved how real it all looked…

  5. 13madelyn

    Wow, that video was so cool and to see how those animals looked then that was cool too

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