Circle Ninja – 1.7 Review

Circle Ninja knows circles. Do you? Watch this all new mrconte.com video to review today’s lesson. Update 6:47pm – the audio issue has been resolved.

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Comments (16)

  1. 13madelyn

    Loved the video it was awsome.

  2. 13nathan

    It was cool.

  3. 13makayla

    I thought this activity was fun to do.

  4. 13michal

    It is better then the homemade compass you made Mr.Conte.Well just in my opinion.

  5. 13evan

    it was an awesome video to make and hilarious

  6. 13peyton

    This was very fun.

  7. 13clayton

    I can’t see them.

  8. 13savanah

    Circle ninja 1.1 AWESOME VIDEO

  9. 13madison

    This was a very cool activity and i hope we can do something like this again!

  10. 13gabriella

    I think it was very funny! I hope that we can do this again.

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