Unlisted Independent Project

This is for the G4 history lovers out there.

In History, we have been discussing the early claims on Ohio and the many conflicts that resulted.  From the French and Indian War to the American Revolution, the fate of Ohio was repeatedly up for grabs.  You can earn three History Project points by visiting a piece of related history at the Fort Laurens site and museum.  Warning: There is an admission cost to tour this museum.

For this project, you must…

Bring back photo-or-video proof of your visit to the museum and park
Be prepared to share your experience with the class

•You DO NOT need to check in with Mr.C before doing this project.


For more Information including Hours, Admission Fees, and Directions:

Museum Website

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  1. Jaxon26

    I wonder what I would do if I had to go up against this group.

  2. Hannah15

    I wonder how the Indians and the French could stand up to this group?

  3. Andrew13

    I might do that.

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