My Trip To Fort Laurens

On Friday morning I took Little Conte to Fort Laurens.   We walked along the outline of the old fort, toured the museum, took pictures and bought a few souvenirs.  Among those souvenirs is a coloring book filled with examples of late 1700’s military uniforms.  Coloring contest anyone?

The museum is small, but extremely interesting, particularly because of all that you have been studying.

If you do decide to visit the site, be sure to spend a quiet moment at the tomb of the unknown soldier.  Take time to retrace the outline of the old fort.  As you walk the grounds think about the men who fought there.  You just might walk over the very spot Simon Girty stood, or past the spot where one of our great colonial soldiers took his last breath.

CLICK HERE –> A trip to Fort Laurens can be used for THREE Independent Project Points in Social Studies/History.

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Comments (8)

  1. Vincent05

    WoW! Thank you Mr.Conte.

  2. Tyler14

    I like the pictures of the solders outfits.

  3. Hannah15

    Those are cool pictures of Fort Laurens. I really want to go see this!

  4. Emma12

    The lead bullets don’t look very big! Those are very interesting pictures.

  5. Vincent05

    I went to the Hopewell National Park this weekend. I have pictures to share and a video. Also went to the Adena Mansion and Old Mans Cave.

    • Mr.Conte

      Vincent05, What an awesome trip! I cannot wait for you to share some pictures of your adventure.

  6. Andrew13

    Awesome! I want to go there so much now.

  7. Andrew13

    I wonder why those bullets are so small.

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